Ship Spring Cleaning Products and Save Money!

Ah, spring, when a person’s thoughts turn to…cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning is a ritual as old as humankind.  There’s something about the warmer temperatures and fresh air that make us want to throw open the windows and scrub the place from top to bottom. But how can Canadians get all our cleaning supplies and still have enough money left over for a spring fling or two?  The answer: ship spring cleaning products to a U.S. address!

Ship Spring Cleaning Products and Save Money!

If you live in Canada and like to shop online at sites like Amazon, you don’t have to pay the high Canadian prices or any outrageous shipping charges. Need A US Address gives you an American shipping address you can use for an easy, secure way to save money on all your cleaning supplies (and more).

Let’s look at how much we can save by shopping online and working with Need A US Address.

First Things First: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

If we’re going to go on a spring cleaning blitz, we’ve got to have something to clean with.  These microfiber cleaning cloths are just the thing.  And since we’ll get 24, we can clean for days without stopping!

If we buy these cloths from Amazon Canada, they’ll set us back $19.99. But from Amazon U.S., we’ll only pay $14.81.  That’s $5.18 in the “fun account” to use for later!

 Amazon Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths on Amazon

Lovely Lavender

We’ll need some cleaning solution to go with your microfiber cleaning cloths, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender is the perfect product to get everything sparkling clean and fresh smelling.

If we buy our lavender cleaner from Amazon Canada, we’ll spend $25.99 on one bottle. But if we take advantage of the U.S. prices, we can get two bottles for $13.99! $7 per bottle is a far cry from $26, which means we can add $19 to our spring fling fund! So far we’re up to $24.18, and we’re just getting started.

Time to Get Serious

Now that we’ve warmed up our cleaning muscles, it’s time to get serious, especially with those floors. All winter we’ve been tracking snow and yuck in from outdoors, and they’ve taken quite a beating.  A Shark Steam Pocket Mop uses the power of steam to get floors sparkling clean.  Plus, it’s a great investment we can use all year!

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Sharp Steam Pocket Mop

The Canadian price for this mighty mop is $89.98. But by using our U.S. address with Need A US Address, we’ll only have to pay $52.75!  That’s a savings of $37.23 and brings our spring fun account to a whopping $61.41. But can we save even more?

Don’t Forget the Electronics

In addition to our floors, our electronics need cleaning, too, but it’s best to keep the lavender soap and the steam mop far, far away.  To clean this expensive equipment, we need compressed air to blow the dust away.  Rather than buy lots of cans that can be only used once, let’s get a CompuCleaner.

The Canadian version costs $74.77.  But the U.S. price? $37.80. That’s a savings of $36.97 – almost half price!  Best of all, we’re up to $98.38 in savings.  That’s enough for some serious fun!

What’s That Smell?

Now that we’ve got our home and our electronics all clean let’s turn our attention to our vehicle.  It’s easy enough to visit the car wash, but what about that lingering odor? We can’t really enjoy spring with a car that smells far from April fresh.

Luckily, Turtle Wax Power Out! can help us banish the stench. And instead of spending $25.35 on the Canadian site, we can spend only $4.70 and have it sent to our U.S. address!  The result? $20.65 added to our savings account and a car that smells like new.

Clear Advantages

Overall, we’ve saved $119.03 by buying from Amazon U.S. rather than Amazon Canada, and it’s all made possible by Need A US Address.

If you’re interested in saving hundreds of dollars with a bona fide U.S. address, register today! Visit our services page to see how we operate, and start piling on the savings.

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