Brick-and-mortar businesses

Does your company have a physical presence and offer face-to-face customer experiences? Is your business conveniently located along the U.S. border, or near a port of entry? If you answered ‘Yes’’ to either of these questions then we would like to speak with you. We can increase your foot traffic and store revenue.

The Need a US Address network of package receiving locations allow people to shop online and have their items delivered to a location close to where they reside. Our customers enjoy the ability to ship to our locations as they avoid the “missed delivery” notice they repeatedly receive on their door while they are not home. Our international customers, specifically Canadian enjoy the ability to order online from US retailers that do not ship internationally.

Once you become a Need a US Address package receiving location we will list your business on our locations list. Our customers will be able to view your business contact information, store hours, package receiving fees, storage and freight options. If they select your location during the registration process they will receive a free address similar to your business address. Within a few days you will start to receive packages. When packages arrive at your location you will check them into our easy to use online system. After you check the package in our system automatically sends a notification to the customer letting them know that their package has arrived. Now all you have to do is store the package in a safe location and wait for the customer to arrive. When they arrive they will provide photo ID and their account number.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Need a US Address package receiving location please connect with us here.