How much does it cost to become a member?

There is no fee to register for our service. Each location has different fees for receiving packages. Please refer to your selected locations profile to view their fees and limitations for package receiving.

Is the address a PO Box or a physical street address?

The U.S. address we provide is a real U.S. street address, not a PO Box. This will allow you to order from any retailer or seller you wish.

What carriers do you accept packages from?

All of our locations can receive packages on your behalf from all carriers including UPS, FEDEX, USPS, DHL and private delivery services.

How long will you hold my packages before I am charged additional storage fees?

All of our locations have different time limits related to package pick up and storage fees. You can refer to your selected locations profile in order to determine the time limits and fees for storage.

Can you receive freight and oversize deliveries?

All of our locations have different limitations on freight and oversize package delivery. Please refer to your selected locations profile to determine their limitations and if any additional fees may apply.

Can I receive U.S. mail or magazine subscriptions with your service?

Our service is for package delivery only. All of our locations do offer mailbox rental for members needing mail delivery. Please contact your selected location directly for instructions on registering for a mailbox rental.

Can someone else pick up my packages on my behalf?

You are able to authorize someone else to pick up on your behalf. You must first sign into your account and authorize the parcels to be picked by someone else. The person must have valid ID which matches the named person. No packages will be released unless you have preauthorized the release in the needausaddress system.

Can you forward my parcels to another location for me?

Package forwarding is available at all of our locations. If forwarding out of the U.S. you will need to provide an invoice detailing the price of each item we are forwarding for the customs forms we will need to process. Any brokerage fees, taxes or duties will be your responsibility to pay. Shipping charges and forwarding fees will apply. Please contact your selected location directly in regards to the shipping and forwarding fees.

What happens to my packages if I do not pick them up?

Per your agreement with our service, any package not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned unless other arrangements have been made with you selected location. Abandoned packages become the property the location that they were delivered to and may be disposed of per that locations store policy. Package forwarding is available to prevent a package from being considered abandoned.

I want to use your service but there isn't a location near me?

We are currently adding new depot locations to our network. Let us notify you when there is a new location near you, click here.

If I have additional questions or concerns regarding your service who do I contact?

You can contact us anytime here.