E-commerce businesses

Everyday e-commerce businesses partner with Need a US Address. The reason is simple, guaranteed delivery on first attempt and no more residential surcharges. Your customers will be happy. Your accounting department too!

You will also have access to our growing number of package receiving locations throughout the US. Most of our package receiving locations are located on the US and Canadian border. An estimated 75 percent of Canadians live within 161 kilometers (100 miles) of the US border.

Did we tell you how much Canadians love our service? A lot. Here are a couple comments our package receiving locations receive from their Canadian customers:

“My son needed this bike part. We saved $150 by shipping to your location. Thank you.”

“This device cost me $120 on the company's US site whereas I would have paid $400 on their Canadian site. Same device. Same company. Dot com vs. dot ca. I couldn’t believe it!”

Start using our services and eliminate international shipping and brokerage fees for Canadian orders. All our US locations are safe, convenient and secure. To become an e-commerce partner please connect with us here.