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Need A U.S. Address makes online shopping easy, fun and limitless. With a secure mailing address to ship your online orders to, you can say goodbye to worrying about not getting your orders on time or worse, losing them. We provide secure cross-border shipping services that give Canadian online shoppers the flexibility to shop from their favorite U.S. online retailers.

Once you register for your free U.S. address, you will be able to enjoy the same online shopping benefits that U.S. residents have. Some of the benefits you can expect to get with our free U.S.A address include:

  • A wider selection of products to shop from
  • Lower prices for the same products
  • Free or minimal domestic shipping
  • Free storage

We take pride in providing our customers with a smarter and more convenient way to shop online. With our private and personalized services, you can shop online rest assured that your orders are in safe hands. Need A U.S. Address works with a secure network of partners throughout the U.S.A. You can find a location that is nearest to you using our locations search tool. Once you find a location that’s most convenient for you, you can register for free to get a unique and secure customer number and access to your U.S. Mailing address. Say goodbye to the international shipping barriers that are stopping you from shopping on your favorite U.S. online stores. Sign up for a free U.S shipping address registering your account today.

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