Want To Shop at US Stores Online But Need a US Shipping Address?

We have the solution! Being located on the U.S. Canadian border we know first hand the problems consumers outside of the U.S. can have when trying to purchase from U.S. retailers. Many companies will not ship outside the U.S. or when they do the fees involved with shipping, and brokerage fees make the purchase price considerably higher.

We are located across the US-Canadian Borders

We started our network of NeedaUSAddress locations to make it easy and convenient for consumers to purchase and ship from retailers wherever they reside.


Each NeedaUSAddress location prides themselves on offering all consumers to have a safe, convenient and secure U.S. address for their use when they need it.

Want To Get Started?

The process is simple: register for free to become a member, order your items and have them shipped to one of our convenient border locations.
You will receive an email message to let you know when your packages arrive Upon arrival you will be notified via text or email, then simply pick up at the location.

Shop Online At Your Favorite US Stores!

We are located across the US-Canadian Borders

Just Shop and Ship to Your New U.S Street Address!

We are located across the US-Canadian Borders
We are located across the US-Canadian Borders

Our Vision

In a world of open borders, free markets and technological advances,
we work for you to have this first hand experience with convenience and ease.
We build bridges between online shopping and you.

With our "package acceptance program" we will accept a delivery for you and hold it until you are able to pick it up.

We can also offer forwarding to Canada via UPS or private courier.
The perfect solution when a retailer will not ship
or sell outside the U.S.

Need mail and delivery service year round?
Our "mailbox service" is also available to
Canadian residents and businesses.

We can issue you or your business a real
U.S. street address (not a P.O. Box) for your use.

By having a U.S. street address
you can avoid the headache and extra costs that come
with trying to get items delivered internationally.

Condo, apartment dweller or college campus? Not available to sign for important packages during the day? We'll take care of that for you!

Have your package delivered to one of our locations where you can pick it up at your convenience. It will be waiting for you in a safe and secure location rather than in your hall or on your door step. We will contact you when your package arrives!

Cross continental network
Condo, apartment dweller or college campus?

Never miss a delivery again!

Most carriers deliver during the day when nobody is home, leaving the package on your doorstep unprotected from rain, snow or possible theft, or it is returned to the terminal for another delivery attempt the following day because it required a signature. Our package receiving program insures that your belongings are delivered, signed for and stored in a safe and secure location.

Traveling vacation or business?

NeedaUSAddress can save you money on traveling expenses and let you travel hassle-free. Simply ship your extra items or luggage to one of our locations close to where you are staying. We will notify you of the delivery so you can pick up at your convenience.

Travel light without extra luggage

How are we different?

All of our NeedaUSAddress locations have the experience and expertise to fulfill your shipping and receiving needs.

We offer convenient and secure locations for your deliveries. You'll never have to worry where your packages are going or who is handling your deliveries.

All of our locations are fully insured and have been selected by NeedaUSAddress based on their ability to make your shipping needs their priority and their focus on customer service.

Never again will you have to miss out because a retailer will not ship outside the U.S. or deal with the dreaded brokerage fees.

With our email and text notifications you will know when your items have arrived and where they are from.

Through NeedaUSAddress site you will have access to all your package information and history. You can also authorize someone else to pick it up, contact us, checkout deals & promotions, browse our other locations and much more.

In addition to our package service, all of our locations offer many other services you many need.

Whether it is digital printing, business cards, scanning, faxing and of course shipping, our locations can strive to be a one stop shop for you shipping and business needs.

Convenient and secure locations, email and text notifications and no dealing with package services in unknown locations make us the perfect solution for you.

We offer many other solutions for your businesses